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Small Project #2: Fabric

Small Project 2 Fabric


******Please note, I extended the deadline.  This is due October 16th which is during fall break.  Post before you leave if you like, or post during fall break.

Critical Analysis blogs for “Story of Home” and “Crazy For You” will be between 1000-1400 words.  Just because the writing is posted in a blog, do not fall into the trap of submitting sloppy writing.  Your writing should be compelling, organized, edited and proofread to receive full credit.  Great posts will adhere to appropriate grammar and spelling rules while displaying a passion for the subject.  The two critiques count as 60% of your blog grade; the other entries combined count 40%.

Please answer any or all of the following questions in a well crafted essay.   Grading will include grammar, spelling and a level of careful proofreading consistent with college level work.

Do not summarize the plot of the play.  This will result in a failing grade.  Do back up all of your opinions/statements with examples and explanations.  For example, if the lighting blew your mind, why did it blow your mind?  What particular elements created an effect and what was that effect?  Focus on analysis, not opinion.

Questions to choose from:

How do the technical elements affect the production?

What place are we in?  Is there a difference between what we see and what the characters see?  What does it mean to you?

How does the lighting convey the mood? How do lighting colors and intensities focus our vision or create meaning?

Discuss the color palette of this play throughout lighting, costumes and scenery.  How would the play be different with a different palette? What do these colors mean to you?

What information do the costumes provide about class, personality and personal limitations?


If you are working crew for the play, write about that experience.  What have you learned?  How is it different from being an actor in a play?


If you are acting in the play, write about your experience with the technical elements.  How did your costume affect your performance?  Is the world you are in like the world you first imagined?  What elements help your character?  Are there any elements that bring you out of your character to deal with logistics?




Files for Small Project #1

You need these two files for your project.

Groundplan of “Da Show”

Small Project 1 the-210-small-project-1plaforms


Elevation of “Da Show”

Small Project 1 the-210-small-project-1front-elevation

Due at the beginning of class Oct 19th.  We will have an IN CLASS progress check on Oct 10 during the whole period, so bring work and questions on that day.


Da Show, Scenery Breakdown

The Elon Troupe is launching a production of the smash hit comedy “Da Show”. The scenic designer has created a basic set of a show deck and an upstage wall for the production. They have expressed the desire for the walls to be Hollywood flats in stock sizes that can be used for other productions during the season. Money is very tight this year, and they would also like to build stock size platforms that can be used for other productions.

You need two files: the groundplan and the elevation.  These will be posted here.

You are the technical director for this production. Your job/assignment is as follows:

• Determine what size and how many platforms and flats you need, creating as much stock as possible.  Make a list.
• Create a cut list for the flats and platforms
• Calculate how many legs and at what height for the platforms
• Determine what means of fastening you want to use
• Price materials at Lowes
• Calculate materials needed.  Create a shopping list.
• Create a cost estimate for this set
• Include everything you will need to build this scenery.  Do not factor in tools, just materials and hardware

Topics to consider

• Be neat and organized
• The means in which you create and turn in the project is up to you, as long it makes sense and is attractive and professional.
• Spreadsheets or word docs with tables work nicely
• You will have to go to Lowes to figure out prices and find your materials
• Teaming up for a Lowes run is a good idea, but this is not a group project.  Your work should look different from everyone else’s.

Grading Rubric

I will be looking for:

• Accurate information
• Clear understanding of the assignment and making the best choices for budget and stock
• Readability of your packet, clarity, neatness, logical formatting
• Late work will not be accepted

A = Assignment is mostly correct and presented in a clear, easy to understand format.
B= Assignment has a few major errors or is presented in a slightly confusing, messy or incomplete manner.
C = Assignment has serious errors and/or is presented poorly and/or is moderately incomplete
D= Assignment has serious errors AND is presented very poorly or assignment is seriously incomplete
F = Assignment is very seriously incomplete and/or incorrect.

Read some of your classmates’ posts.  Choose two or more posts (2 by the same person, 2 of the same topic by separate people, etc.) to respond to.  Your writing may be a respectful rebuttal of their comments, an extension and furthering of their comments, adding a research element, etc.  Basically, turn a statement into a discussion.


Also, remember to reserve tickets to Story of Home.  You are required to see the show and your first critique will be the next blog post.  I will post a prompt for that critique.  The show runs October 5-11.  Check the posters around the building for exact dates and times.

Blog Post #4 Due Sept 28

Next week is the deadline to register to vote in the General Election.  What are your viewpoints on the relationship of government and Art? I’m not asking you to be partisan, but to talk about the possible or most beneficial relationship between the two.  Is art necessary?  Where should it come from?  How should it be supported?

Blog Post #3, Due Sept 21

How much experience do you have working with your hands?  Do you think that Americans are losing hand skills as part of our culture? How does our relationship to tools/hand skills teach us and inform our culture or other cultures?

Do a little bit of research on this topic (a google search or two will do).  What are others saying about this topic?  I am interested in the research you find AND your own informed opinion or assessment of it.

suggested keywords:  tools, hand skills, work, motor skills, learning, cognitive development, tactile, kinesthetic

Here is a bit that you may or may not agree with to get you started:

from this article:

“Occupational therapist Stacy Kramer, clinical director at Toronto’s Hand Skills for Children, offers one explanation for what’s happening. It begins with babies who don’t get put on the ground as much, which means less crawling, less hand development. Then comes the litany of push-button toy gadgets, which don’t exercise the whole hand. That leads to difficulty developing skills that require a more intricate coordination between the hand and brain, like holding a pencil or using scissors, which kindergarten teachers complain more students can’t do. “We see 13-year-olds who can’t do up buttons or tie laces,” she says. “Parents just avoid it by buying Velcro and T-shirts.” Items that—not incidentally—chimpanzees could put on.

When the first apes climbed down from the trees to explore life on the ground some three million years ago, it was their hands, no longer used for branch swinging, that helped trigger our evolution. Hand structure changed, enabling us to perform increasingly complex grips. The conversation between hand and brain grew more complex, too. We advanced to the unique ability to visualize an idea, then create that vision with our hands. That’s meant everything from developing tools to imagining airplanes to performing open-heart surgery. So what happens if that all-important hand-brain conversation gets shortchanged at a young age? Can it be reintroduced later, or does that aptitude dissipate?”

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